The Infomercial Tape Deck : Digital-Dance

COLUMBUS CENTER, BREMERHAVEN, GERMANY -- Sunset over the Nordsee. Through giant windows of the shopping center, you espy boats drifting in the distance. Shipping containers float like acrobats, stacked by unmanned machinery in tidy rows along the harbor. You pull at a straw in your cup of Fanta. The snarl of plastic-on-plastic echoes through the deserted American-style food court. 

Aural dreamscapes hang in the air around you, piped in through invisible speakers, the 7th installment of the INFOMERCIAL TAPE DECK. 

Tonight's virtual cassette was programmed by German duo, Software. Drink in a lo-rez sunset circa 1988 to the computerized seaside soundscapes of Digital-Dance

Listen now. 

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