The Infomercial Tape Deck : Future Disc


43 MILES OUTSIDE OF STOCKHOLM -- Simple and serene, Infomercial USA's Stockholm field office towers above just that: an empty field. Constructed with foam-pressed wood, anodized aluminum and pressed steel, the ergonomic structure stands as a monument to the enterprising American spirit of Just 4U™ in Scandinavia.

Today is a bank holiday, so offices are empty, hallways deserted, phones silent. The fluorescent lights are off. But, burbling from loudspeakers like delicious meatball gravy, the second installment in our weekly series echoes through the halls: the INFOMERCIAL TAPE DECK #2 : FUTURE DISC. 

Tonight's virtual cassette selection comes from our Swedish friend, Sasac, an undisputed master of soundscapes that increase productivity & general zest for life in isolated cubicles, vacant airport terminals, and on hold with the bank.

Listen now. 

For further listening, pop in last week's virtual cassette here: Mall of 1984.

And don't wait -- check back next week for the next installment of the Infomercial Tape Deck!