The Infomercial Tape Deck : World Class

SOMEWHERE IN THE BOWELS OF THE LEXINGTON MALL, KENTUCKY -- You stir in a dim corridor. What time is it? Fluorescent lights overhead pop and flicker. Fighting back the fog, you try a few dingy doors and they're locked: Custodial Supply Closet, Boiler Area -- AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY & Facilities Management. You hear loud music echoing overhead in upper levels, evocative of a windswept drive up the coast from Gibraltar to Málaga in the mists of 1983. Stylish synthesizers, a chorus of mallets & driving rhythms echo soft promises of riches, opulence and -- perhaps -- significance. How do you get there? There appears to be no exit from the hallway. You eye a vent above and are inspired by the songs oozing with the creme of earthly success. You can manage this: just focus your energies on the 5th installment of the INFOMERCIAL TAPE DECK. 

Tonight's virtual cassette is considered a classic of its genre: Luxury Elite's "World Class."

Slip up, wriggle in, crawl through the vents toward the pulsating levels above...

Listen now. 

Don't wait -- check back next week for the next cassette on the INFOMERCIAL TAPE DECK!