The Infomercial Tape Deck : Mint Jams


TOKYO -- Tinkling piano strains, wiggly, sopping-linguine guitar licks, and gentle, rubbing drums crackle through loudspeakers in the deserted food court. Your footfalls echo across the fluorescent cavern. ブリトービーチ is unstaffed, though the day-old salsa verde + sour cream glisten under state-of-the-art sneeze guards. At 地下鉄 the loaves of bread are arranged neatly in pans stacked in a case like bazookas. At ピザハット's salad bar the edges of the lettuce have wilted and turned brown. Hungry? Almost. The pumping music moves in your stomach: the 4th installment of the INFOMERCIAL TAPE DECK. 

Tonight's virtual cassette teleported to us via Japan, 1982: Casiopea's Mint Jams. Can you believe this is a live recording played by humans? You hear the applause but there's nobody here.

Be naughty: hop the counter, fill yourself a Diet Tab from the soda fountain, grab a loaf and some lunchmeat, then choose from one of the hundreds of empty seats. Take a bite, take a sip. Sink into Casiopea's roiling ocean of pink pasta:

Listen now. 

Don't wait -- check back next week for the next cassette on the INFOMERCIAL TAPE DECK!