The Infomercial Tape Deck : Vacant Places


TARZANA, SAN FERNANDO VALLEY -- Tucked away in an unassuming cul-de-sac -- or rather, an "assuming" cul-de-sac -- ostentatious and opulent with manicured lots guarded by high stainless steel fences -- stands the single tower of Infomercial USA's Los Angeles field office. Between the steel bars you espy lemon groves, orange blossoms, explosions of rubbery succulents, stained Tiffany glass, sky-blue swimming pools and the like. The middle of an upscale residential area is an odd place for an office complex but, when it comes to Infomercial USA Corporate, there are façades behind façades. 

There is no one on the street. A few birds chatter. Soft music floats on the gentle California breeze. You close your eyes and take it in like the scent from the lemons a few feet away. The music seems to emanate from the windowless Infomercial USA office tower but... you can't be 100% sure. If it's coming from there, it must be so loud as to be blinding inside. 

What IS 100% sure is that it is this is the third installment in our weekly series: the INFOMERCIAL TAPE DECK #3 : VACANT PLACES

Today's virtual cassette selection comes from a ghost, Hantasi, an innovative release from 2012 re-released here by our German friends at Bedlam Tapes. It beckons us to drift through the steel bars of the fence, past the lemon groves and orange blossoms, beyond the lapping swimming pools, behind the Tiffany glass, and into an abandoned, decaying and disappearing world. 

Listen now. 

For further listening, pop in last week's virtual cassette here: Future Disc. 

And don't wait -- check back next week for the next installment of the Infomercial Tape Deck!